Do I need a partner for private lessons?

No a partner is not necessary. If you purchase a private lesson without a partner you'll dance with your instructor. If you bring a partner, you'll dance with your partner.  

What do I wear for dance lessons?

Wear something comfortable that won't inhibit your movement. Some people come straight from work or are dressed up for a night on the town, while others arrive in work out clothes. Anything that makes you feel comfortable is acceptable.  

What kind of shoes do I need?

Leather sole shoes work best. Athletic shoes aren't ideal because they tend to stick to the floor, but, would be just fine in a pinch. For the ladies, please wear something that secures your heal -- flip flops and sandals are not ideal. Flats and high heels with an ankle strap are just fine.

What is the cost of dance lessons?

Please refer to the Dance Lessons section of the website for specific pricing or give us a call. 

What types of dance do you teach?

Steven specializes in all types of partnership dance: Ballroom, Latin, Swing and Country Western. He can help you with all your social, special occasion or competitive dance needs. Please refer to the Dance Lessons > Dances Steven Teaches section of the website for more information about types of dances. 

How often should I take lessons?

Steven recommends that you schedule your lessons close together. On average Steven sees each student at least once a week. 

What is a private lesson?

Private lessons consist of one student or couple working with an instructor. Steven teaches at your pace. Generally he covers three to four dances in one fifty minute lesson, unless specific requests are made. Private lessons are booked by appointment based on a schedule that is convenient for you. 

What is a private group class?

Private group classes are when you bring several friends and all of you learn a dance together. Steven is able to provide beginner, intermediate or advanced group instruction on a variety of dances. Each class covers one dance style and typically meets once a week. Private group classes are very affordable and a great way to have fun while staying connected with friends. Please refer to the Dance Lessons > Private Group Classes section of our website for more information on private group dance classes.  

Is it difficult to learn how to dance?

No, Steven is highly qualified and able to make learning to dance easy and fun for anyone. 

Where can I do this kind of dancing? 

In Wichita, there are a lot of places to dance, you just have to get plugged in. Steven helps to keep students connected to dance opportunities through word of mouth and social media. 

Do you teach wedding dances?

Yes, absolutely! Steven is Wichita's premier wedding dance specialist. Please refer to the Dance Lessons > Wedding Dances section of the website for more information. 

How do I get started?

That's the easy part. Just contact us via phone or email to get started right away. You can find all the contact information you need on our website at Contact > Contact Information